The Intro

Hello fancy meeting you here.... feel free to look around.


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • UI
  • BootStrap
  • PHP
  • Jnode
  • Social Media Management

So here’s a mnemonic I use to make that code less intimidating when I’m describing it to somebody who hasn’t spent years writing it. When somebody asks me something like, “Hey Orlando, what’s the difference between HTML and CSS?” I say this:“Pretend we’re describing a human to a computer using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.” (Simple Right!) Web Designer/Developer Social Media Professional with strong understanding of user-experiences/user-interface design.

I've created and assembled web graphics, including logos and advertisements as well as oversee social media trends for the best user-experience. Using the waterfall method/frameworks CSS, HTML5, JavaScript and Ui/Ux coupled with social media interactions are my specialties.

I'm able to work in fast past environment, producing high volume website.

Web design/development, with the user-experience/user-interface to the forefront. Ability to trouble shoot coding errors. Developing websites that have a consistent feel and look throughout all web properties. Knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Adobe Suites, SEO and web analytics. Talented social media interaction, user-experience, user-interface design with the proven know-how to combine creative and usability viewpoints resulting in world-class web and mobile applications.

I offer high-quality Premium Website Design services along with Graphic Design that are customized according to your needs and requirements. Having these options available to you means that you can mix and match elements from different concepts and incorporate them into the final design.

Contact me

Orlando (224) 334-5555